White Gass Kugel Christmas Ornament

This example is a new reproduction Christmas tree ornament in silvery white glass. Many 'old fashioned' holiday items are available for purchase new today and collectors looking for authentic antique or vintage holiday themed items need to stay on their guard. Nostalgic holiday decorations purposefully made to look old usually start appearing for sale in large numbers before the Christmas holiday, for obvious reasons.

Sometimes glass decorations like the one in this listing are identified as 'kugels,' an early German-made holiday decoration. The new pieces are routinely found with chemically 'aged' metal caps, but the serrated edges of the caps (originals were never serrated) and the way they are attached to the ornament are diagnostic. Many original old German kugels were made with silvering on the inside. So authentic pieces have caps that were attached close to the top of the sphere of glass and were closed, not with a large opening in the center, as you see on the item in this listing. The arrangement of close-fitting closed caps helped prevent silvering inside antique kugels from oxidizing.

Its usually best to seek out books or reliable online resources on collecting Christmas related items for information on the reproductions and fakes common in this specialty niche. Books on Christmas collectibles will often include extensive coverage of many types of new fake and reproduction ornaments. When they include photographs of the metal caps used by the modern makers the pictures make it very easy to tell the difference between new and old.

Measures 2 1/2 inches in diameter and 3 inches to the top of the hanger.

Item ID: 2007RP000423

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