Three Face Sisters Frosted Glass Toothpick Holder

This example is a modern fantasy made to appeal to (and possibly fool) collectors of the Three Face pattern of antique glassware originally produced in the late 1870's by George Duncan & Sons of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The name, 'Three Face' comes from the frosted white figural design on glassware of a woman's head/face repeated three times on stems, finials and bases.

There are two known toothpick holders that utilize the frosted three face design. Some may describe them as reproductions, but we identify them as fakes or fantasy items because no toothpick holder form was ever originally made in the 19th century, so no original design could have been 'reproduced.' L.G. Wright made a Three Face toothpick design in 1968 and a very similar design made currently, shown in this listing, can still be purchased brand new from a well-known modern wholesale source.

Reproduction and fantasy forms in this pattern have all been produced from new molds, so differences between old and new are not that difficult to identify, if you know what to look for.

1. If the frosted portions of the pattern are very white, chalky, grainy, pitted or blotched with areas of clear glass (signs of hasty, inexpensive production methods) the piece is not authentic.

2. The face portions of the design should be very well defined, with good definition to individual features like eyes and nose, strands of hair. Upon close examination expect, if original, the faces will be that of a lifelike, lovely young woman. If lacking in fine detail, particularly the eyes, it is not authentic.

3. Original 19th century items were produced in non-flint glass that fluoresces yellowish green under UV (black light) examination.

4. Glassware from the 19th century typically exhibits patterns of wear, even if it saw infrequently use. By default 'mint' condition, with no visible signs of wear, typically is going to describe modern glass.

Measures 2 1/2 inches tall.

Item ID: 2007RP000421

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