Vintage Samson Polychrome Porcelain Ginger Jars

This example represents an interesting anomaly. The ginger jar forms shown are modern-day fakes pretending to be circa 1950 Samson & Cie copies of authentic antique Chinese export porcelains. That is, they are fakes pretending to be reproductions. These jars were not made by Samson & Cie in the mid-20th century, but items made much more recently by United Wilson Porcelain, a modern Hong Kong company.

Edme Samson & Cie was a company famous for making excellent forgeries of Meissen and Chinese export porcelains throughout the 19th century. Until it closed in the latter part of the 20th century the company had over time basically copied styles of decoration from all the major factories of Europe. Today collectors appreciate and seek high quality antique Samson & Cie items. So, now it is the copyist that is being copied!

Some items made at the Samson works were unmarked, but most were marked and they applied a variety of marks to the items they made. While often both items and the Samson marks on them were similar to real counterparts, the company made no attempt to hide the fact theirs were copies.

The number in the United Wilson crowned mark on the base of these jars suggests a year date of '1897.' Unfortunately, some might buy them for that reason, thinking the number is their year of manufacture. But '1897' does not refer to the year these items were made, they are modern.

See the Favorite Links page for further information on 20th Century Chinese maker's marks.

Measures 5 3/4 inches tall by 4 inches in diameter.

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