Coro Corocraft Siamese Fighting Fish or Rock Fish Brooch

This example is a 1990's reproduction of a 1940's brooch Adolf Katz designed for Coro. The reproduction shown in this listing is made of base metal, originals are vermeil (gold plated silver) or sterling silver. Fins on most original Coro 'Rock Fish' brooches were closed, forming loops on the edges, but there is some credible support for the existence of original variations with partially open fins. Reproductions like the one shown here have open fins.

Originals also had two part fins that were joined by a rivet, obvious from the back. That is, a smaller enameled section rested on top of the larger bottom section of the fin. Modern copies are one-piece, with the fin colors painted directly on top of the main fin section.

In this listing we've added pictures of an original Coro Rock Fish Brooch so comparison can be made side-by-side with the modern reproduction. Compare the enameled decoration. Note how enamels on the modern piece seem oddly colored and carelessly applied in comparison to that of the original. The modern piece also shows no obvious signs of age wear or patina. Expect to see at least some patina on a an almost 70 year old piece of costume jewelry, even if it spent its entire life inside a jewelry box. The original we show was in excellent condition, but viewed up close, under magnification, it shows patina commiserate with its age.

The difference between the real and the fake is most obvious on the reverse. The poor casting of the reproduction and lack of rivets is easily spotted, even without magnification. Because the mold from which it was made was cast from an original brooch the position of the rivets on the original is marked on the copy by blobs of metal where the rivets should be.

Both are signed "COROCRAFT" in script on the back. But even in this the difference in production quality is significant.

Coro made slight variations of the original brooch design, so the reproduction shown here may not be the only style of copy you might run across. However, checking the same features mentioned in this listing should be of assistance for identifying other reproduction pieces, too.

Measures 3 1/4 inches across and about 2 1/4 inches high.

Item ID: 2007RP000418

Book reference for originals can be found on page 142 of Brunialti's "American Costume Jewelry: Art & Industry, Vol. 1."

Gender: Female, Age Group: Adult, Color: crystal / blue / red, Size: 3 1/4 inches

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