Metal Advertising Sign 1932 Plymouth Sedan - AAA Sign Company

This example is a new enameled metal reproduction sign made by copying an existing original advertising piece for the 1932 model Plymouth Sedan automobile. All signs marked "AAA Sign Company, Coitsville, Ohio" are fakes and reproductions from the 1990's, made when the prices for authentically old advertising signs began to spike and people began buying reproduction examples just to decorate walls. It isn't unusual to see these signs on the secondary market today described as 'vintage,' suggesting authenticity, which is unfortunate.

Other than knowing a specific maker's name on an item is as false as the item it is printed on, another quick way to identify contemporary printed metal advertising signs as new is to examine them for the method of printing used. If a modern photo reproduction printing process has been used to make an item the familiar honeycomb-like dots from which such a process creates images will be present and can be seen for certain when viewed under magnification. The modern printing pattern of dots may often be seen with the naked eye, but use a loupe or similar magnification tool to check a metal advertising sign for them if you are uncertain. Older methods of printing that were generally in use at the time original old advertising signs were made won't display a halftone dot pattern like modern prints.

Measures approximately 11 inches by 15 inches.

Item ID: 2007RP000415

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