Pair of Vases Stamped Satsuma

This example shows a pair of fake Satsuma pottery vases made in China. Authentic Japanese Satsuma pottery distinguishes itself with a finely crackled transparent glaze on a beige or creamy ground. Fine craqueleur of the glaze was done purposefully at manufacture for decorative effect. These pieces have no such features.

While early Satsuma may bear little or no decoration, nineteenth and early twentieth century ware that many of today's collectors seek was decorated with gold and hand painted artwork. But, like other examples already listed in this shop these vases lack the artistic quality of real Satsuma pottery. The surface decoration on them is primarily applied to a pre-printed design by machine, not by the hand of a skilled artist, as on real Satsuma. The vases in this listing really bear no resemblance to authentic pottery examples. So, if that is true, if they are missing key characteristics of the real thing, then how can it be possible to identify them as Satsuma? Why, they have the word 'Satsuma' stamped in red on their bottoms!

Printing the word 'Satsuma' on an item cannot make it something it is not. Satsuma is and always has been entirely Japanese pottery. It was never originally made in China or anywhere else. If a mark or paper label indicates a pottery item was made anywhere other than Japan, it cannot be Satsuma.

These are not vintage items, but very new items. Large numbers of these should still be readily available on the market for very nominal prices, so beware and don't overpay if you simply want them for pretty decorations.

Each vase measures 5 1/2 inches high.

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