RS in a Wreath Marked Hatpin Holder

This example is a fantasy hatpin holder. It bears a false RS in a wreath mark to hasten its mistaken identity as an article produced at a Reinhold Schlegelmilch factory, or 'RS Prussia' porcelain, which it is not. It's decorated in a floral motif, and though its gilt decoration is somewhat subdued the piece actually is more reminiscent of old Nippon, not RS Prussia. Indeed the combination of this design with the 'RS' mark may simply complete a plan to have the same fake return greater monetary rewards by appealing to multiple collector groups (hatpin and hatpin holder collectors; Nippon and RS Prussia collectors). It is also possible that somewhere you could find this same item wearing a different pretend 'maker's mark' on the bottom.

Other than the applied mark on this piece not being 'right,' the quality of the porcelain and decorating is not comparable to authentic R.S. Prussia porcelain, which was thinly potted and of extremely high quality. A similar spurious mark can be seen on another type of popular collectible, a hinged box, in Item ID: 2007RP000178 here in this shop.

Measures about 5" tall.

Item ID: 2007RP000409

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