Royal Bayreuth Bavarian Portrait Plate

This example is a porcelain portrait plate with ornate gold stenciling. The female portrait is transfer decorated with hand painted embellishments in white enamel. The plate has a deceptive 'Bayreuth Bavaria' crown mark on the back. An older version of this plate design goes all the way back to 1974. That is the year royal lady motif plate sets including the design seen in this example first appeared.

In the 1970's these plates were brand new 'antique-look' items. Meaning, they were decorative items knowledgeable people might buy if the price were low enough, just to use to decorate and create a particular interior look. But some could, and frequently did, sell the plate sets at a profit to novice buyers who believed them to be real antiques.

The same set of plates has been fooling people ever since. Especially now that the originally purchased pieces are more than 30 years old. A child of 10 in 1974 is now a grown-up of 45 who might recall their grandmother having had this plate on display in her china cabinet.

The series of four plates to which this particular lady design belongs were made to order items. The were designed, imported, and sold by a wholesale company that specializes in fakes and reproductions. The set can be seen pictured in the 1974 issue of that company's wholesale catalog,

The Bayreuth Bavaria crown logo shown is a mark specifically created by the wholesale seller to look old, so the item on which it was placed could easily be confused for an antique. This item is in no way related to 'Royal Bayreuth' porcelain. Yet frequently items bearing this mark are described as 'Royal Bayreuth' like shown in this listing title here, even though it only has the words 'Bayreuth' and 'Bavaria' by a crown. The mark shown will not be found in books covering antique maker's marks, because it is a contemporary back-stamp.

At one time this piece also carried a paper label that would have easily identified it as new. It was probably quickly removed after purchase by the original buyer. These types of items can be particularly troublesome because they closely mimic highly collectible authentic items, which many buyers may have see pictured in books, but never personally handled.

This is one of those few times when looking at the mark is the best way to know a piece is a contemporary item, not an antique porcelain item.

This plate is approximately 10 1/4 inches in diameter but other sizes may also exist. It can be found with background colors other than the blue, shown in this listing. A magenta background is shown in ID: 2007RP000395.

Item ID: 2007RP000402

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