Etched Silver Plated Colonial Sugar Urn

This example is a fantasy decorative Colonial style covered sugar urn that was marketed by a modern distributor of interior design products. It was recently seen offered for sale on the secondary market described as 'early silver plate' from England. The seller's only reason for identifying it as old and 'early' was the fact it is not marked. Considering England has required hallmarks on silver and silver plate for many centuries now, early indeed it would certainly have to be if that identification were true. But, of course it is not.

This item contains no silver, it is made entirely of white brass. When purchased new it did have an original maker's mark, in the form of a paper sticker that read, "Andrea by Sadek - Made in India."

Many modern retail companies specialize in supplying period-look interior items and 'nostalgic' decorative goods. Some of these items may be mistaken for authentic antiques and vintage collectibles if proper care is not taken. Examine items closely for specific characteristics helpful for assigning age. If just beginning to collect and you don't yet know what signs or characteristics there might be for your chosen niche, find a reliable dealer and ask them to point you in the direction of research materials that will be helpful to you.

Measures 13 tall by about 5 1/2 inches wide, but a smaller size was also made in the same design.

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