Cobalt Blue Slag Glass Tooth Pick Holder Button Arches Pattern

This example is a modern new reproduction toothpick holder made to resemble a well-collected pattern, the ca 1897 Geo. Duncan Sons & Co 'Button Arches' design, also known as 'Scalloped Daisy'. This item is made of poor quality glass, which is one of the key indications that it is not old. Note the 'greasy' look to its surface, a typical characteristic of the new 'hasty bake' glass from the fake factory.

The example shown here is also poorly molded. For instance, portions of the design are rough, some edges are uncomfortably sharp. One side is slightly indented. Though the design is close to Duncan's Button Arches, it is missing the sawtooth rim found on originals.

New reproduction glass is often made from batches of molten glass containing impurities. Though it isn't unusual for old glass to contain a few bubbles or an impurity or two, truly old glass, even examples made by early primitive manufacturing methods, display a crystal clarity often missing in new reproductions. New reproduction glass has a tendency to look cheaply made, because it is cheaply made.

When a glass item is said to be 'old' then logically it should show at least some wear. Note the pristine bottom on this item. There are no honest patterns of wear visible because the item is not actually old.

Many companies today are making these types of items in an effort to take advantage of high collector demand for antique glassware. These pieces are available brand new for only a few dollars, so becoming familiar with old-style glass patterns, knowing what to look for in order to recognize its absence, can help buyers avoid buying new pieces of glassware for an 'antique glass' price.

Measures 2-1/4 inches tall.

Item ID: 2007RP000397

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