17 Inch China Head Doll with Pierced Ears

This example is a reproduction of an authentic China Head lady doll. It was made by a modern doll artist. The head has hand painted facial features, pierced ears with earrings and black hair in an intricate hairdo. She 'wears' a molded pink and gold painted collar and headband. Her cloth stuffed body has china hands and molded pink boots.

In an effort to have the doll look even more like an authentic, antique doll she has been dressed in vintage clothes. The skirt is well made in a grey satin fabric, the top is held in place with pins, as might be the aged outfit on a real antique doll.

Although she is marked on the back of the plate with the name of the artist who made her, and the year she was made, when reproductions are this good they can easily be mistaken for an authentic doll by a collector new to this particular niche, or someone in a hurry to buy at auction without a careful examination.

Having the desire to collect dolls made by this or any other particular doll artist is fine. But a collector should not be asked to pay a premium amount to buy this type of doll because the seller is suggesting to them it is either 'antique' or 'original.' Because it is neither. This is a contemporary copy.

Measures 17 inches tall.

Item ID: 2007RP000394

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