Red Riding Hood Character Cookie Jar Marked McCoy

This example is another variation of a well-known modern fake - the Little Red Riding Hood (LLRH) cookie jar marked 'McCoy'. This lidded ceramic jar is fully glazed inside and out. It has three red poppy decals on the front, Little Red has a red trimmed apron and shoes, golden brown hair with matte gold trim along the neck. She carries a large round woven basket covered with a cloth.

While the mark on the bottom may look like a mark used by the Nelson McCoy Pottery Company, they never made a Little Red Riding Hood cookie jar. LLRH jars marked 'McCoy' are most often copied from a cookie jar design original to the Hull Pottery Company. This example and others that can be found here in this shop are all similar to Hull's LLRH cookie jar design. The McCoy Pottery Company never owned, nor had the right to make, this cookie jar design originally, yet many are found marked with a spurious 'McCoy' mark like the one illustrated here. There are a multitude of different decorations to be found and we will list additional examples to illustrate these as they become available.

Although the false, factory-made all-over crazing could easily visually give this piece away as a new fake, all a buyer really needs to know to easily differentiate pieces like this from authentic Little Red Riding Hood ware, is that McCoy never made this type of item at all, in any size.

Measures 13 inches tall, 9 inches wide and 8 inches deep. marked on the bottom of the cookie jar with McCoy.

Item ID: 2007RP000391

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