Antique Bisque Bru Jeune Bébé Doll

This example is a reproduction of an all bisque swivel head antique Bru Jeune Bebe doll. Authentic antique originals Bru dolls can be very expensive, so collectors who normally might not be able to buy one can find reproductions like this contemporary doll artist's rendition of a Bru Jne & Cie company doll to be very appealing. That's fine, so long as they know when they buy they are getting a copy, not the real thing.

The doll in this listing came from a mold made from an authentic original closed mouth style doll. It was given has good facial coloring, well modeled features, stationary blue eyes made of glass and a long blonde wig made of mohair. The back of the head is incised with the artist's mark and year made. Because the mold to make the head for this modern copy was taken from an authentic antique Bébé Bru and the bisque was decorated by an accomplished doll artist, it may be more easily mistaken for an original. While the artist who made this example probably never intended for that to happen, the potential still exists, just the same. When these types of artist-made reproductions over time gain age of their own, it may become increasingly difficult to tell them apart from the originals they mimic.

This doll's body is jointed at the upper arms and legs, with white leather patches buffering the bisque at the joints. The arms are elongated in the Mignonette style and her legs have painted black Mary Jane shoes. She wears an older hand made dress and matching hat accented with bows and silk flowers. Remember, period clothing and accessories may make it harder to tell the doll they accompany is not of the same age.

Knowing what characteristics to look for on any specific doll you wish to collect is always recommended, because reproductions of many types of antique and vintage dolls are being actively sold as authentic examples. Whether innocently being misrepresented, or not, don't allow yourself to be taken in by just a sweet, well painted face on a modern-made reproduction.

Measures 7 1/2 inches tall.

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