Red and White Ceramic Aunt Jemima Cookie Jar

This reproduction example has a ceramic body identical to a plastic "F & F Mold and Die Co." piece from the 1950's. Most likely it was made from a mold taken from an authentic jar. Whenever similarly shaped figural items are known to exist (in this case, in plastic) that fact can help make a later fake or reproduction seem more like it might be real, too.

Add a bit of faux 'wear' to brand new paint and this unmarked piece could seem like a good buy to the unwary shopper. Especially if accompanied by declarations like, "This came out of the estate of a 90 year old woman."

The size of an original soft plastic Aunt Jemima cookie jar, a premium gift from the Quaker Oats company, was 12 inches (see inset picture of an old magazine advertisement for the authentic original). A much later example, also made of plastic, looked nothing like the original, as by then the kindly cook's image had been updated and she was given a more modern appearance. The second authentic plastic rendition was only about 10 inches tall. "Aunt Jemima Cookie Jar" should be embossed on the apron of an original example.

This new reproduction cookie jar measures 11 3/4 inches tall.

Item ID: 2007RP000388

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