Porcelain Flapper Figurine Hallmarked KPM Berlin

This example is a fake figurine of a 'Flapper' style lady holding a feather fan. It is marked with a spurious KPM eagle mark stamped on the base in cobalt blue. Unlike the original mark it pretends to be, the eagle we see here seems to be grasping a stick and something more or less round, but undefinable. The authentic KPM mark it mimics had a crowned eagle grasping a clearly defined scepter and an orb, to signify royal association. That particular KPM eagle mark was used only from 1844 to 1847. So to find it on the base of an 'Art Deco' style figure of a lady with a 'flapper' hairstyle and headband, is absurd.

True KPM Berlin Porcelain will be of exceptional quality, both in the body and the decoration. Note here the lack of realism in figure details like fingers that have little definition, or the perfunctory manner in which facial features were painted. This figurine is pedestrian in shape and coloring, despite an attempt to suggest 'class' by adding gilt to some of its features. Use clues like these to help separate newer fakes from original examples of antique porcelain.

On the day of this writing this figurine was available for purchase wholesale, in bulk, from a well known supplier of fake antiques and misleading reproductions.

Measures 7 3/4 inches tall. Expect to find this in other sizes, as well.

Item ID: 2007RP000385

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