Boy on Alligator Marked Nippon!

This example is a modern 'fantasy' piece. No authentic Nippon marked ceramic item like this was ever made during the actual Nippon era (1891 - 1921). On this particular item, which is very new, even the Nippon mark, itself, is a total fantasy. No authentic comparable authentically old Nippon mark ever existed.

Remember, Nippon porcelain, for the most part, should be thinly potted, translucent porcelain. Much of it was very high quality, which is one of the reasons collectors began to be drawn to it in the first place. This item is obviously not made of fine porcelain.

The light source test isn't always a fool-proof test for all pieces, as some authentic pieces are thicker walled and some newer pieces may be slightly translucent, but if the Nippon marked piece you are considering buying is thick walled, not translucent, and is rough or grainy on bottom like this piece, with kiln debris still sticking to it, you should definitely consider it suspect. Those are not indicative of a well-made porcelain product.

This item is rather clumsily made, as well as marked, and would never fool an experienced buyer. But it might be able to confuse someone who has recently entered the antiques and collectibles market with the intent of starting a Nippon porcelain collection.

Take the time to find out if that 'rare' piece you are looking at only seems rare because it is the first time you've ever seen an item in that form marked Nippon, or if it is 'rare' only because the seller says so. When a particular type of item was never actually produced by a company it will generally be known as a 'fantasy' item. For instance, a Nippon marked oil lamp would be a fantasy. Search this shop by Nippon to see additional examples and more information on Nippon fakes.

Similar items in this form made of cast iron are also known. They are unmarked.

Measures 3 1/4 inches tall by 5 inches long.

Item ID: 2007RP000367

Modern Reproductions, Fakes and Fantasies

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