McCoy Little Red Riding Hood Cookie Jar

This example is a commonly found contemporary fake. The mark on the bottom looks like a mark used by the Nelson McCoy Pottery Company, but 'McCoy' never made a Little Red Riding Hood cookie jar. Cookie Jars on the market today that are marked 'McCoy' are most often jars copied from a cookie jar design original to the Hull Pottery Company, similar to their LLRH cookie jar design. Though the McCoy Pottery Company never owned, nor had the right to make, this specific design of cookie jar originally, many are found marked with a spurious 'McCoy' mark like the one illustrated here.

This new example (there are variations) was recently available for purchase from a well known reproduction wholesale supply house for a price very much lower than the price in this listing. Resellers typically ask high prices for it when misrepresenting it as 'old' and 'authentic.'

Cookie jar collectors often check sizes since new copies of old jars are always a little 'off' from original sizes. But in the case of all Little Red Riding Hood cookie jars marked McCoy, all you really need to remember to easily differentiate them from authentic Little Red Riding Hood ware, is that McCoy never made this type of item in any size.

This particular example is 13 inches tall.

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