Fuchsia Pattern Roseville Pottery Vase in Matte Mint Green

This example is a contemporary reproduction of a 1938 Roseville pottery #893 vase in the Fuchsia (commonly misspelled Fuschia) pattern. It has a green body decorated similar to an original, with hanging fuchsia flowers and leaves, and it is even marked with a raised mark of, '893-6 Roseville.' But it is a fake and really not even a very good copy. When compared to an original the distinct differences in the substance from which it is made, the shape of the handles, the surface and the glazes, can all be easily noted. The decoration is also very poorly executed.

Images of authentic pieces are easily found in reference books and also online but we've add some comparison pictures anyway, for ease of reference. Other than the green glaze color being nothing like the original and the body of the vase not having been made from the cream to buff color clay for which Roseville was known, note also the lack of careful shading. Colors should blend nicely with one another, as was done on carefully produced Roseville originals. The spray-paint effect visible on the interior of the vase is also a sure sign of modern production methods.

Although such a poorly made piece as this is highly unlikely to fool the veteran buyer, a novice may not immediately spot the difference in quality and might buy a piece like this as 'authentic' because they are guided only by the spurious application of the Roseville name. And often, they will pay too much because they thought they were buying vintage pottery. Many different false 'Roseville' marked items are available for a very nominal price from reproduction wholesale sources.

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Measures 6 1/4 inches tall.

Item ID: 2007RP000359

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