Wash Basin and Pitcher Set with Pastoral Lovers Transfer Print

Antique, transfer print of a lovers couple pastoral country french . There are a few hairlines the set is made of salt-glazed pottery, color is cream colors refurbished some flea bites and around handle.

This example is a ceramic pitcher and bowl set decorated on one side with a transfer print of lovers in a pastoral setting. The style and type of the decoration is specifically intended to help this set be mistaken for one of the old bowl and pitcher sets it mimics. This and similar pitcher and bowl sets in the same colors are currently available from reproduction wholesale sources.

Although this particular example is unmarked, sets made from identical mold designs are oftentimes decorated with different transfers or glaze treatments and then marked with bogus 'antique' marks, like the "RS Prussia" in wreath mark shown in Item ID: 2007RP000121 here in this shop, or the "Ironstone England 1890" mark on Item ID: 2007RP000115. The same ceramic set design can be found marked with other false marks, too. Items of this nature are being produced today specifically to appeal to the collector market.

The pieces in the set are made of light ceramic material, with a crazed glaze, neither of which are typical for authentic 19th or early 20th century service items made for actual use. An unglazed foot rim, as seen here, is not logical if this item was really made to hold and possible stand in water every day. It also has stray pieces of clay still attached, which seems odd as a true 'antique' would have experienced significant wear here over the course of a century.

If buying something like this for decorative purposes, knowing it is not old, keep in mind the glazes of many imported fakes and reproduction items contain lead. They should never see real table use or hold water for washing the hands or splashing on the face.

The bowl measures 16 inches across and 5 inches high and the pitcher is 12 inches tall by 9 inches wide.

Item ID: 2007RP000356

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