Nippon Porcelain Covered Box

This example is a reproduction of a dresser or vanity box shape commonly made during the Nippon era, though not solely in Japan. Though decorated with delicate flower sprays reminiscent of antique porcelain, these floral decorations are completely modern. Designs like this were created some years ago with the intent of appealing to the nostalgic minded and they are still steadily being applied to many false contemporary 'Nippon' shapes. The decorations are uniform and applied in a factory by machines, though the pieces on which they are applied will invariably be marked, "Hand Painted."

Compare this piece to the 'Nippon' toothbrush and soap holder fantasy item also listed here in this shop as item 2007RP00067 in order to more easily be able to recognize the decorative design on other modern-made items in the future.

The back stamp on bottom may read,"Hand-Painted" and "Nippon" but neither of these remarks are true. The hourglass-type figure seen in the center of the mark on the base of this item was never a part of any authentic mark from the Nippon era, making this particular false mark easier to identify than some of the others that very closely mimic true marks. The wreath portion of the mark seen here is similar to a wreath figure seen in some authentic Nippon era marks, but in this case it is upside down from the orientation one should expect to find for wreaths in original marks.

Measures 4 inches high and 7 1/4 inches in diameter.

Item ID: 2007RP000353

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