Made in China Royal Satsuma Vase

This fake example is marked with another of several different commonly found 'Royal Satsuma' markings. Chinese ceramics makers have historically preferred to make copies of pottery and porcelain articles resourced from their own country's long and gloried history in that medium. However, in association with a dramatic rise in prices for authentic Japanese Satsuma and collectors avidly seeking that particular type of pottery, reproduction wholesalers did not miss the opportunity to start producing replicas marked with these kinds of confusing marks. See other items in this shop marked with slightly different 'Royal Satsuma' markings.

Satsuma is and always has been an entirely Japanese-made pottery. It was never originally made in China or anywhere else, only Japan. If the mark you see on the bottom of a piece indicates it was made anywhere other than Japan, it cannot be Satsuma. Printing the word 'Satsuma' somewhere on an item cannot make it something it is not. All Chinese made 'Satsuma' marked items are contemporary fakes with no current collector value.

Measures 12 inches tall and 10 inches wide.

Item ID: 2007RP000352

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