Art Deco Style Lady Figural Pedestal Compote

This example is a fantasy item created by joining a reproduction figural base, copied from an Art Deco period "Carrie" powder jar, to a scalloped edged dish top. As originally made an authentic "Carrie" figural powder jar consisted of the figure holding up a round bowl with a lid, not a flattened, open dish. These new pieces are made today by an importer in several different colors, as well as colorless examples like the one seen here. The new colors are not exactly identical to original "Carrie" colors, but new pieces can, and often do, get mistaken for old glass by those who do not know to be on the alert for new reproductions.

Notice the pristine underneath surface of the base, illustrated in picture 3. It shows no sign of age or wear because this item is brand new.

When buying glass represented to be 'old' check the bottom to look for patterns of wear. If you don't already know what true surface wear should look like, a good way to train your eye is to use a magnifying glass or loupe to examine likely areas on family items you own that you know to be of a certain age, beyond any shadow of a doubt. Then examine the same areas on a similar piece of glass that you know is brand new. Using familiar items to make comparisons like this can help your eye recognize patterns of wear that comes with age. Of course, wear can be faked, so remember it should be random, not uniform in nature. Uniform scratches that only go in one direction usually mean a piece has been artificially 'aged' with sandpaper.

This new glass item has perhaps been created with the purposeful aim of it being mistaken for an old and quite valuable figural item with a similar look. That is the tall flared comport, or compote, in the 3011 Statuesque Nude Stem Line, introduced by the Cambridge Glass Company in 1931. To aid you in making a visual comparison between this new reproduction and an authentically old Cambridge designed piece, we've added a composite picture that shows examples of both, side-by-side.

Collectors of Depression era glass should try to make themselves aware of newer figural glass items like this that are being made by companies today in an effort to take advantage of current high collector demand for vintage and antique glassware.

Measuring 6 1/2 inches tall with 6 3/4 inches diameter dish top.

Item ID: 2007RP000350

Modern Reproductions, Fakes and Fantasies

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