Silver Tiffany Marked Grid Design Cuff Links with Box

This example illustrates another set of fake 'Tiffany' cufflinks sold with reproduction examples of that well-respected company's signature color gift box and jewelry pouch. This is a nice enough looking set in a woven design that looks polished, is marked 'Tiffany & Co' and '925.' But are these really sterling? If someone is willing to purloin a trademarked name of a highly respected company without their permission in an effort to market products of lower quality, then might they not also stamp an item only silver in color with a sterling mark of '925,' too? If you already know the Tiffany mark is a lie, automatically believe the .925 sterling mark is true?

None of the items you see in this listing were made by the Tiffany company. All are counterfeit. Counterfeit name brand goods are frequently accompanied by equally fake 'original' sale tags, labeling, boxes or bags. The items may even have realistic looking serial numbers or similar markings to further suggest 'authenticity.' Don't let added trappings sway you into automatic belief. If the items themselves can be faked then so can the box, store tag or serial number badge.

Making 'knockoffs' of designer-name goods is big business. Designers and makers of authentic trademarked 'name' goods lose untold amounts of revenue to the fakes, fantasies and 'knockoffs' of the replica market each year. And potentially they can lose prestige for their name, as well. Buyers sold an undisclosed fake may later come to blame its shoddy workmanship or lack of comfort in wear on the real 'name' company.

See the Favorite Links page in this shop for a link to the International Anti-Counterfeit Coalition (IACC) and reasons why sales of this type of item are not good for anybody.

Some sellers may have a fake name brand item in stock only because the person who sold it to them assured or convinced them of its authenticity. Not everyone who has something like this listed for sale knows the item is false. But other sellers do know perfectly well they are selling a knockoff. Some may say this up-front, but others will not.

Consumers fooled into believing a replica is the real deal lose again if such an item is purchased for an amount above its equitable retail value at time of purchase. Generally, in your lifetime a fake will never be worth more than what you paid for it. But authenticity can grant potential for a steady increase in value, giving authentic items legitimate investment value.

Tops measure 9/16 inch by 1/2 inch.

Item ID: 2007RP000347

Gender: Male, Age Group: Adult, Color: Silver, Size: 9/16

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