RS Prussia Large Mustache Cup and Saucer Rainbow Roses

This example is a new fake cup and saucer set with transfer printed roses. The set is marked with a spurious mark intended to suggest this is Schlegelmilch porcelain, as the mark resembles the green wreath and star symbol found on authentic R.S. Prussia marked ware. The markings on this set are over the glaze. The marks on true RS Prussia items should be expected to always be under-glaze.

Page 194 of Mary Frank Gastons Collector's Encyclopedia of RS Prussia, Fourth Series, illustrates this particular mark.

Though the details and quality of this set are very nice and it is attractive, they do not compare to the details and quality characteristics of authentic R.S. Prussia porcelain. These new items generally only succeed in being able to mimic the qualities of the items they will later be represented to be. Often they will be found described as 'hand-painted,' for instance, and the floral design does have the appearance of hand painted white enamel accents. But, if you look closely at the leaves and other details illustrated in the closeup of the central design, the telltale signs of stippling are seen. These denote a transfer print.

The thick appearance of the foot rim and the lack of translucence of the porcelain body of both pieces of the set are other sure signs of a lack of authenticity. This set and many other recent fakes imported by wholesale reproduction houses all too often are eventually sold later to unsuspecting collectors as authentic R.S. Prussia items.

The saucer is 6 and 3/4 inches across and 1 inch deep; the cup is 3 and 1/2 inches across and 3 inches tall.

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