Vintage Galle Cameo Glass Vase

This is an example of one of many new types of spuriously marked art glass pieces on the market today. Amid the stylized flowers and foliage on the surface of this multi-colored glass vase the signature, 'Gallé' appears. But authentic Gallé glass stopped being made many, many years ago. This piece is very new. Unfortunately, new collectors who do not yet know this may still be encouraged to pay too much, believing it to be an original based on the appearance of the Gallé name, alone.

If interested in buying something like this for decorative purposes don't over pay. Keep in mind there is a lot of this stuff out there to choose from and that new from China fake Galle pieces may be had for a very low wholesale cost. Reproduction Galle-marked glass made in Romania is also available and may cost just a bit more from a wholesale source. But in neither case will modern pieces selling wholesale today for a hundred dollars or so be of the same quality or desirability as the original glass they mimic. The new pieces are also unlikely to provide the steady increase in value enjoyed over the years by authentic Gallé art glass.

There are certain characteristics which can help to authenticate glass marked with the Gallé name (or that of other famous makers). If an oddly low price does not tip you off, to differentiate a fake from the real deal be on the alert for heavy glass bodies and/or lack of refinement and poor quality etching in the decorative designs. Authentic pieces feel delicate to the touch and will be perfectly balanced. Originals were masterfully decorated and very finely made.

Three useful tips for quick recognition of modern reproductions and fakes:

1. New Galle-marked glass pieces are made in shapes the original maker never made. 2. Original Gallé cameo glass vases have polished pontils, the new fakes do not because they are not made the same way the originals were made. 3. If it is marked Gallé and "TIP" it is modern Romanian-made glass.

The item shown in this listing measures 14 inches tall.

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