Amethyst Cavalier Glass Handkerchief Vase

This example is a new 'looks like' fantasy blown amethyst colored glass vase by the Cavalier Glass Company. Italian blown glass of the 1950's and 60's has become highly collectible in the 21st century. But this vase is not 'Mid-Century' glass in a free-from handkerchief style popularized by 20th century master glass blowers of Italy. Instead, it is one of a multitude of new contemporary glass pieces now being crafted in China and imported for the decorator market.

Since the label on the item in this listing was distressed and is difficult to read, we're showing the same maker's label on another glass piece in order to clearly show what it says. Remove this adhesive label and their decorative pieces may be easily mistaken for, or passed off as, Italian-made 'Mid-Century' glass.

This item has counterparts in other colors. All were sold in retail department stores fairly recently. Similar examples may even still be available for purchase brand new today. Mid-century glass dealers and collectors should take time to familiarize themselves with the kinds of new items now in production that closely mimic items within that collectible niche. Be sure to note any differences in colors, quality or finish.

Companies like to make 'retro' or 'revival' type items because they know something about a style has consumer appeal. It has stood the test of time. Some may try to take advantage of high collector demand for a certain type of glassware. So be aware someone may be making new glass today to specifically mimic the older glass you love.

Measures approximately 7 inches high.

Item ID: 2007RP000325

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