RS Prussia Tray and Ink Pot

This example shows a very pretty porcelain set with what appears to be a well executed decoration. These types of pieces are often found described as 'hand-painted.' But, if you look closely at the leaves and other details illustrated in the closeup of the central design, the telltale signs of stippling can be seen. These denote a transfer print. There are no hand-painted brush strokes that can be discerned. Carrying a jewelers loupe can help to determine more quickly the exact nature of decorations such as these on porcelain.

Although from the top this set appears to be made of good quality porcelain. On the underneath side, however, the lack of high quality can be observed. It looks thick and neither piece is truly translucent.

This example also has one other very big problem, it is a fake. The easy give-away on the bottom of this piece is the misspelling of the word 'Prusia' (with only one 's') in the mark. Also note, the mark was actually applied over the glaze and has started to chip off. The marks on true RS Prussia items should be expected to always be under-glaze.

Item ID: 2007RP000319

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