Topaz and Amber Color Long Victorian Hat Pin

This example is a fake hat pin created by joining a jewelry-like rhinestone component with a long metal pin shaft. Many new 'Victorian hatpins' are still made today. Most often they are sold to new and unsuspecting hatpin collectors. Long metal hat pin shanks can be purchased from companies that sell jewelry findings and components, and just about anything can be joined to them. New 'antique' hatpins may be made from old clothing buttons, decorative beads, broken pieces of jewelry, or even powder compacts.

To create the individual item you see in this listing colored glass rhinestones were soldered together to make a jewelry-like top section. It was joined to a tube-shaped brass finding and that was then soldered to the shank. The result is a new hat pin that from a distance looks like it may actually be old. But, when examined up close it becomes obvious that it is not.

All hatpins have a decorative head and a shank or pin shaft which can be of various lengths depending on the pin's expected use. These are joined together by metal findings. Old findings always were carefully matched, with the appearance of being a seamless part of the overall design. They should exhibit the same level of patina as do other parts of the pin. Learn what types of findings were used in the past, as well as those that will never be found on old, authentic pins. This is one of the best ways to keep from inadvertently buying a fake.

Old pins in original condition will never show evidence of glue or soldering. Note the sloppy soldering visible on this item, both on the unfinished back of the top portion and where the tube component joins top to bottom.

Authentic hatpins were always sturdily constructed because they were intended for actual use, too. Keep that fact in mind when judging the manner in which a hat pin is made. Real Victorian era hat pins were not made to just decorate a porcelain holder on a vanity table.

Measures 9 1/2 inches long and 1 3/4 inches wide.

Item ID: 2007RP000301

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