Louis Vuitton Fashion Satchel Purse

This example is a fake, not an authentic vintage Louis Vuitton purse. Made in a satchel style with familiar-looking 'LV' monogram pattern exterior, it has a brown suede interior, brass closure and brass pad feet on the bottom. If the person examining a counterfeit item like this has never seen an example of the real thing they can more easily be lead to believe it is real, despite the fact the manner in which it was made is not consistent with the extremely high quality of authentic Louis Vuitton goods.

This bag exhibits some specific features, not to be found on an authentic Louis Vuitton bag of this type.

1. The interior zipper should be made of metal, not plastic.

2. Louis Vuitton did not use feet for this type of purse.

3. The handle is made of vinyl, when it should be leather.

Making 'knockoffs' of designer-name goods is big business. Designers and makers of authentic trademarked 'name' goods lose untold amounts of revenue to the fakes, fantasies and 'knockoffs' of the replica market each year. And potentially they can lose prestige for their name, as well. Buyers who are sold undisclosed fakes may later come to blame shoddy workmanship or lack of comfort in wear on the real 'name' company. The lack of quality components shown in this piece is a good illustration of that concept.

See the Favorite Links page in this shop for a link to the International Anti-Counterfeit Coalition (IACC) and reasons why allowing sales of this type of item is not good for anybody. Sellers of legitimate items should be concerned if they see others selling this type of item right next door to them.

Measures 8 inches tall, 12 1/2 inches long and 5 inches wide.

Item ID: 2007RP000300

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