Limoges China Ladies Strawberry Inkwell

This example is a fantasy porcelain inkwell and pen rest in the figural shape of strawberries on a leaf form under-plate. The surface of the base is busy with roses and daisies in shades of green around the edges, which makes little sense in comparison to the main fruit theme. Such incongruous features are often a tip-off that an item is not authentic.

This desktop set has three components. Two strawberries with leaves and gold seeds and a leafy twig. The large strawberry is topped with a leaf-shaped lid detailed with gold trim. The smaller strawberry, also with gold seeds and green leaves, is supporting a large white leaf detailed in gold, which forms the opening, used as a pen support/rest. The third component is white porcelain twig,heavily detailed in gold paint. It is a curled twig which forms a handle and vertically is another twig that forms an opening to store the pen. The twig is heavily detailed in brushed gold.

There are characteristics about items on which fake Limoges marks appear that can help to identify them as counterfeits. Always expect true Limoges porcelain to be finely made. This means the body of an article will be thinly potted and translucent. All decoration should be expertly painted and uniform. Although the fancy figural design of in this set may suggest quality at first glance, look closer and it becomes apparent the porcelain body is actually somewhat heavy, not finely made, and the decorations are rather ho-hum and, in places, sloppily applied. The gold trim is much too bright for an aged item, as well.

The marking on the bottom is the easily recognized gold colored Fleur de Lis with banner and "Limoges China." This is not an authentic Limoges, France back-stamp. No French Limoges company ever used this mark in the past. The mark does help the item meet requirements for imported goods in that it contains the name of the actual country of its manufacture - it was made in China, as stated: “Limoges - China.”

While there are other aspects about this item that would help to identify if for what it is all one needs to remember is that any item that bears this specific mark cannot be authentic. This piece, and its mark, are contemporary.

Measures 7 1/2 inches by 6 1/2 inches by 2 3/4 inches high.

Item ID: 2007RP000298

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