Artist Bru Jne 9 Doll Blue Eyes Older Clothes

This example is a reproduction, a contemporary doll artist's rendition of a Bru Jne & Cie company Bru Jne 9 doll. Collectors typically will refer to a doll made by this French company as a "Bru." Authentic antique originals Bru dolls can be very expensive. Because the mold to make the head for this modern copy was taken from an authentic antique Bébé Bru and the bisque was decorated by an accomplished doll artist, dolls like this may be more easily mistaken for an original. The doll artist who made this example probably never intended for that to happen, but the potential still exists, just the same.

Antique dolls originally made by many different well-known makers have been copied, and are still being copied. Even though this doll's bisque head is inscribed on the back with the name of the artist who made her and the year it was made, "Ruby Ellen Smith 1987," keep in mind even obvious marks can be concealed under a hat and wig when appearing on the secondary market.

Also remember, modern skilled craftsmen are able to recreate features of vintage or antique dolls. And as these types of artist-made reproductions begin to gain some amount of actual age of their own it may become increasingly difficult to differentiate some of them from the originals they mimic.

When buying collectible dolls online never hesitate to ask to see pictures of specific features you think it is important to see clearly, if they have not already been provided in a listing, or to ask questions prior to purchasing. A quality dealer appreciates the opportunity to prove their expertise to a willing buyer, as their aim will be to have them back again in the future as a repeat customer.

If you don't know what specifics to look for and don't feel you have the time to do research prior to making a purchase, then your best course of action would be to buy dolls for your collection only from established, reputable dealers who value their reputation and avidly seek repeat customers. This type of dealer will be happy to guarantee the authenticity of all items they sell.

Measures approximately 18 inches tall.

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