Wells Fargo Marked Brass Lantern

This example is a fantasy item with the appearance of having a Wells Fargo association. But this lantern or lamp is not authentically old, it was only made with the look of the 'Old West' and given a false, chemically applied 'patina.' This lamp was not made by or for the Wells Fargo company. Thus the metal plaque attached to the base that reads: "Property of Wells Fargo & Co. Express - San Francisco Division" makes this modern item seriously deceptive.

Items like this have decorative appeal only, with no real value to knowledgeable collectors. But they have the distinct ability to fool novice buyers who may just be beginning to collect Western-themed items. Items like this can be especially problematic if being purchased from a seller who offers information about it that is not accurate, such as a false 'provenance' story of it having been found in the back room or closet of the local Wells Fargo office when it closed.

There are many fake and fantasy Wells Fargo marked advertising items on the market today. For information about false items marked with the Wells Fargo name, none of which were ever made by or for the Wells Fargo company, see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) at about/history on the wellsfargo website.

Often the very same items can also be found with other western related or railroad company associated marks. All have been sold only in recent times by well-known and quite modern reproduction wholesale outfits.

Measures 26 inches in height; 5-1/2 inches wide.

Item ID: 2007RP000288

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