Miniature Green Jumbo Peanut Butter Jar

This example is a modern reproduction of a ca. 1930's miniature sized (3 oz) Jumbo Peanut Butter jar in green glass. Lids on old jars could be slotted so children could use them for penny banks after the jar was emptied of its original contents. The item in this listing has a new metal lid with a paper label glued onto it that is similar to old peanut butter advertising. An original lid, of course, will not look like the one you see here, but we have seen reproduction jars with these new labeled lids advertised as old 'original' jars with new 'replacement' lids. These jars are also sometimes advertised as salesman's samples. That is a misleading suggestion, too.

Originals were made in either colorless or green glass, with the emerald green examples becoming so popular with collectors that for a time good authentic examples were regularly selling for around $1000. Then reproduction jars like the one illustrated in this listing began to appear for sale a few years ago. At first the collecting community was unaware there were new reproductions of this particular collectible being made. Unfortunately, before the truth became very well known many collectors had paid hundreds of dollars for brand new reproductions that had been represented to them as old originals by unscrupulous sellers who knew better.

Because these are well done reproductions it remains very easy for them to be mistaken for authentic original jars. Potential buyers not aware of differences that identify the new pieces are still being 'taken' for hundreds of dollars. Reproduction examples of this figural green jar are quite easy to find and can still be bought brand new at the retail level for around $25.

We've used a side-by-side comparison photo to help clearly illustrate two major characteristic differences between the old jars and the new reproduction jars. One is the design patterns on the elephant's blanket and another is the lettering being slightly different on the new jars. The new jars look very good until this kind of close comparison is performed. Differences in quality and color of the glass also becomes visually apparent when they are compared.

Measures 3 3/8 inches high.

Item ID: 2007RP000286

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