Art Deco Style Frosted Crystal Car Mascot Signed R. Lalique

This example may appear to be the glass car mascot, hood or radiator ornament, known as “Longchamps” (single mane) that was originally designed and sold by master glass designer, Rene Lalique. But, this is not a Lalique-made item so if found signed with a Lalique 'signature' that mark would be spurious in nature. This item is a late 20th century Czech reproduction. Status as non-authentic is easily identifiable by the attachment to a black resin base (although occasionally those have been removed), the modern solid type of frosted glass and the obvious mold seams. We have added an image in which the colors have been inverted in order to show seam line details so a potential buyer will know specifically for what type of detail an item needs to be scrutinized.

This particular example presented with both a Lalique signature, which had been applied by someone handy with a modern engraving pen, and the original truthful paper label identifying it as a Czech-made object. Unfortunately we are unable to show you representative images of either of these in this listing but wanted to mention them so that it will be known that either or both (or neither) may be present. The factory label applied by the Czech manufacturer of these pieces is frequently missing because removing it makes it easier to suggest the item to be a Lalique piece, even if a false signature has not yet been added.

Named after the French racetrack by the same name, an original 1929 “Longchamps” would be valued at many thousands of dollars. Originals bear a permanent, molded R. Lalique mark and they were made in clear 'demi-cristal' glass that had a frosted surface. Originals exhibit high quality, which is synonymous with the Rene Lalique name. They are smooth and sleek and without any noticeable seam lines. See the Favorite Links area to view a page with good information on authentic old Lalique glass car mascots figures.

Including the base to which it is attached this item measures about 7 inches tall.

Item ID: 2007RP000284

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