Small Pitcher with Roses and Blue Sun Bottom Mark Nippon

This example is another fake 'Nippon' marked item. An identical pitcher body shape was never originally made during the Nippon era. The pitcher has a pale background over which is printed a design of yellow and white roses. The top rim and handle are trimmed in bright gold. Designs like this were created with the intent of appealing to the nostalgic minded and may appear on many other false contemporary 'Nippon' shapes.

The decorations on new pieces are typically very uniform because they are actually applied in a factory by machines, not painted by hand. Even so the bottom of this piece carries a 'Hand Painted Nippon' mark in blue. At first glance the mark may seem to be a familiar rising sun mark often found on authentic Nippon articles, but there are very obvious differences between this mark and the real mark if one only takes the time to look closely. We have added an image showing a side-by-side comparison of the fake mark with a clear version of the real mark it mimics. This kind of visual comparison illustrates how poorly made the mark on the new piece actually is, showing it to be, by comparison, almost childish in form.

Other than the false marking, this pitcher shape is also documented by a Nippon collector's club as one knowledgeable members identified as a new reproduction. Also, although very pretty, this piece looks heavy and a bit too 'thick' for genuine Nippon porcelain. Note how bright and 'new' looking the gold is and how perfectly free of visual indications the piece has seen use. A truly old item almost always shows at least some small evidence of its age.

Keep in mind the Nippon era ended a long, long time ago, nearly 100 years, so is it realistic a genuine Nippon era item, especially one made to perform a function like a pitcher, to exhibit no signs of wear or patina at all? While it is possible to find authentic Nippon with no visible signs of wear, that state is not the norm. The real reason a piece of porcelain intended for use shows absolutely no signs of its age is generally going to be because it is not old at all, but very new.

Unfortunately many modern fakes are now approaching a quarter of a century in age, so beware the suggestion that if an item does bear evidence of use that must mean it is old.

Measures 7 inches tall.

Item ID: 2007RP000280

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