Fake Royal Vienna Pheasant Decorated Plate

This example is a porcelain plate with ornate gold stenciling and a central decoration of a pair of pheasants on the ground, with grass and oak leaves. It is transfer decorated. The plate is back marked with, "S, T, W" over Bavaria Germany in a shield style mark. A beehive mark stamped in blue beside the green shield mimics the hand painted mark of the Imperial and Royal Porcelain Manufactory, Vienna, commonly referred to as Royal Vienna. But, despite the suggestion made by this 'beehive', the plate was not produced by Royal Vienna. The mark is only intended to give that immediate impression, as well as grant the plate an air of age.

This deceptive item is one of a matching set of decorated plates with game bird motifs imported and sold for several years by a wholesale company that specializes in reproductions of antiques and collectibles. The series of four plates to which it belonged is pictured in that wholesaler's 1974 catalog. The maker's mark illustrated was a mark requested by the U.S. importer. It was specifically created to look old so the item on which it was placed could later easily be confused for an antique. This mark won't be found in books covering maker's marks for antiques because it is a contemporary back-stamp.

At one time this piece also carried a paper label that would have easily identified it as new. That label, of course, was removed, probably not long after purchase. These types of items can be particularly troublesome because they closely mimic a highly collectible and fairly scarce type of item which many buyers may have see pictured in books, but which they have never personally handled.

The plate is well made and decorated and this is one of those times when looking at the mark is the best way to know it for what it really is - a contemporary fake - not an antique porcelain item.

The plate is approximately 11 3/4 inches in diameter by about 1 5/16 inches deep at the rim.

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