1948 One Mile High Club Bronze Belt Buckles Tiffany Studio

This example shows a pair of fake 'Tiffany' cast brass belt buckles. This is another of many modern buckle designs specifically made to confuse collectors. The presence of a stamped year date encourages belief these items must be old. But they are not even close to being as old as 1948. This is a contemporary design despite what the text may suggest.

On the front the buckle design says "Active Member of the One Mile High Club 1st Class Private Edition 1948" and "Executive Souvenir." Unfortunately, items like this are frequently offered for sale along with equally false 'provenance' to support a false year date stamped on them. Something like this statement may be given, "This buckle belonged to an elderly gentleman who used to live next door to me. He got it as a gift from his boss in 1948. His wife never let him wear it because of the subject matter, so it looks almost like new!"

Three other important features can make these buckles the kind of item that can easily cause someone to overspend.

1. The front design includes racy graphics. 2. On the back, each says "Tiffany Studio New York" and "Made in USA."

The 'Tiffany Studio' mark was intended to add an element of, 'Wow!' since believing one has the opportunity to own an authentic Tiffany item for a modest price can cloud judgment. Fakers count on this reaction.

The Tiffany name is well known and respected. Quality manufacturing methods and their expertise in the field of design helped make the company famous. When presented with a belt buckle marked 'Tiffany' in the way this example is marked potential buyers often do not ask themselves if Tiffany Studios ever really made such an object (they didn't). Even if one were to fail to note the spurious mark on back is not correctly plural, 'Tiffany Studios,' but incorrectly singular, 'Tiffany Studio,' one might still make an attempt to look past the false maker's mark and consider, instead, the very low quality of these objects. The risque design is not only in poor taste, it is also poorly executed and its casting is crude, with obvious grinding marks at the edges. Clearly these buckles were not made with very high quality standards, at all.

To see an example of another buckle design wearing the same false Tiffany 'Studio' (singular) mark search this shop for Item ID: 2007RP000232.

Each buckle measures 3 1/4 inches wide, 2 1/2 inches high and is approximately 1/8 inch thick.

Item ID: 2007RP000268

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