Early Porcelain Chinese Satsuma Vase

This is another example of new porcelain items pretending to be antique or vintage Japanese Satsuma. False items are mostly being exported from China but remember, real Satsuma has always been an entirely Japanese-made pottery. It was never originally made in China or anywhere else, only Japan. If the mark on the bottom of a piece indicates it was made in a country other than Japan, it cannot be Satsuma. Simply printing the word 'Satsuma' on an item cannot make it something it is not.

Also remember Satsuma is a type of pottery, not porcelain. The body of Satsuma ware (the clay) is a non-translucent pottery type which may be buff or creamy colored. Body color can be observed on the unglazed area of the foot rim.

The example in this listing is marked with a Tea cup symbol and 'Made in China' in English. The additional writing reads, "Zhong Guo Zhi Zao" which can be given an English translation of 'China make' (as in to 'make' something new). These characters were applied to be read left to right, in the Western manner, too. That feature alone easily identifies this item as modern. Only items made from the late 20th to the present will bear the mark shown here. All Chinese made 'Satsuma' marked items are contemporary fakes. While they may have some decorative appeal they hold no potential future value for collectors of authentic Japanese Satsuma.

Search this shop for additional 'Satsuma' examples to view additional examples and other false marks of which to be aware.

Measures 12 inches tall, 4 inches across the top and it has a 4 inch base.

Item ID: 2007RP000267

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