Brown Luffa Pattern Wall Pocket Marked Roseville

Illustrated here is another example of a reproduction pottery wall pocket marked with the well known name, 'Roseville.' Visible on the back of the piece shown in this listing (despite the blurring of the image) are the marks "Roseville" and "84" in raised script. But that type of marking is wrong. Roseville pottery pieces in the Luffa pattern were sold with applied labels and not originally marked with a raised script mark. Although looking only at what seems to be a maker's mark on a piece is not typically recommended for accurate pottery identification, in the case of this type of reproduction item, any that have this kind of mark cannot be real.

If you want to check other characteristics for inaccuracy the poor quality of its details also gives it away as a new fake. It lacks the shading with another color between stepped areas of the design like that seen on carefully produced originals. The clay body is dead white. Vintage Roseville pottery was made of a more cream to buff color clay. Note how the leaves have been erroneously colored, as if they are a type of blossom. They look flat, poorly defined and have been decorated a pale color with a bizarre blue in the center. Meanwhile, the part of the design that is actually meant to represent flowers consists of pale blotches of shapes with yellow centers. Their aspect suggests three fried eggs, more than they do flowers.

Although such a poorly made piece as this is unlikely to fool a veteran collector, a novice may not immediately spot the difference in quality or know about the obvious error with the marks on back. So, they might feel enticed to buy a piece like this as 'authentic' guided only by the spurious application of the Roseville name. When this happens, all too often they will pay too much, because they thought they were buying 1930's, not brand new, pottery. These fake wall pockets can be very cheaply purchased from reproduction wholesale sources.

Measures 7 inches wide, 2 1/2 inches deep and 8 1/2 inches long.

Item ID: 2007RP000266

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