French Jumeau Depose Doll E12J

This example is a modern reproduction of a French Jumeau E12J Doll The mold to make the head for this new doll was taken from an authentic antique Jumeau E12J doll. As shown, this doll has a bisque head with brown glass eyes. Very modern additions of a red mohair wig and new Seeley composition body, along with a sale price that might seem extremely low for an authentic Jumeau, might make it seem impossible for an item like this to be mistaken for an authentic antique example of the same doll. However, novice buyers don't always know what to look for. And if a listing is carefully worded, images cropped in such a way as to hide an artist's signature or only an image is shown of a reproduction doll fully clothed, including a bonnet, socks and shoes, even buyers who believe they do know what to look for can make just such a mistake.

See the additional images and notice how cropping away the lower section of the markings on the back of the head can give the head the false appearance of bearing an authentic-looking set of marks.

Always ask to examine a collectible doll without its clothing or, if buying online, expect to be shown the visible characteristics present on the doll that helped the seller to identify it as old and authentic. Never be ashamed or afraid to ask to see these kinds of images, if not already provided in a listing, or to ask questions prior to purchasing. A quality dealer appreciates the opportunity to prove their expertise to a willing buyer as their aim will be to have them back again in the future as a repeat customer.

This contemporary reproduction doll measures approximately 24"

Item ID: 2007RP000265

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