Tiffany Style Slag Glass Table Lamp With Brass Base

This example is another modern fake or fantasy lamp that copies the look of early 20th century decorative slag glass table lamps with filigree metal overlay shades. The base resembles waterlily pads and entwined plant tendrils. Often something like this will be described as a 'Tiffany style' table lamp. But, though Tiffany made many highly decorative lamp designs, including lamps with a recognizable 'water lily' design on the base, Tiffany never made a lamp that looked like this example.

This lamp was made with a dual socket and pull chain arrangement common to many old table lamps. Parts of a lamp that obviously can be recognized to be modern, like shiny new bulb ports or a contemporary cord/plug, may be explained away by someone trying to identify it as an antique by saying it has been repaired or rewired. There are currently untold thousands of new lamps on the market today made specifically to mimic old-fashioned styles of lighting. Most people selling such items have no trouble representing them to the buying public for what they are - brand new. But we will over time be listing additional examples in this shop which can be easily mistaken for authentic antique or vintage reverse painted, stained glass, or slag glass lamps. Using our comparison examples as guides it may be possible for buyers and dealers to more easily avoid costly purchasing mistakes.

Measures 25 inches tall by 18 3/4 inches.

Item ID: 2007RP000262

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