Dragonfly Stain Glass Shade Old Brass Floor Lamp

This example is a fantasy, a marriage in which a new stained glass lamp shade has been added to an old metal and marble floor lamp base. Stylistic multi-colored designs like the dragonfly motif of this shade simulate the look of genuinely old stained glass shades on early electric lamps made in the early 20th century. When a new shade made in an old style is added to an antique or vintage lamp base the visual suggestion can be made that the shade is as old as the base, even though it's actually new.

There are currently untold thousands of new 'stained glass' shades like the one you see in this listing on the market today. We will over time be listing examples in this shop of those which may be all too easily mistaken for authentic antique or vintage stained glass lamps. Using these as comparative guides it may be possible for buyers and dealers to more easily avoid costly purchasing mistakes.

The lamp you see here is 63 1/2 inches tall with the new shade in place and the shade is approximately 19 1/8 inches across.

Item ID: 2007RP000255

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