Pair Staffordshire Dog Figurines

Here is an example of reproduction dog figurines that copy the look of early Staffordshire pottery pieces once used as mantel decorations. Original mirror-image whippet dog figurines would have been placed facing each other on a 19th century fireplace mantel.

Many reproductions of Staffordshire figurines were manufactured during the 20th century, particularly the mid to late 20th century, and they are still being made today. Some of the new reproduction items made in China have the word 'Staffordshire' printed on them, as do some English-made reproductions. But original old 19th century items will not have a, 'Staffordshire' mark. Though the Staffordshire area of England has been an important pottery center since the 1700’s, the word “Staffordshire” generally was not included in maker’s marks before the second quarter of the 20th century. Staffordshire is an area, not a city.

Note the bright and 'new' looking gold on the dog's collars. Also that there is no evidence of honest wear, especially on foot rims, where an age of nearly 200 years (if authentic) would announce itself no matter how well family members of each generation might have taken care of the pieces since they were made. These figurines have the characteristics of modern manufacture. The same molds that made these whippet-type dogs have over time made other contemporary figurines with different colors and surface decorations. As soon as a reproduction source has glutted their market with one particular color or a set of glaze treatments, they simply change decorations and continue using the same molds to make items that look different enough to not be too quickly identified as 'new.'

Each measures approximately 7 inches long by 2 inches wide and 5 inches high.

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