McCoy Woman in Bonnet Wall Pocket

This example is another common reproduction of a well-known McCoy Pottery shape. It is a figural wall pocket in the shape of a young woman in a bonnet, with a large bow tied under her chin. If placed among a group of authentic McCoy pieces, it may initially seem to fit in among them. It is even signed 'McCoy' on the back. But the glaze color shown on this example is completely wrong for this shape and was not originally used by McCoy. Expect to find red polka dots on a white background on the bow of an original. This shape was never given an all over pinkish hue as seen here.

Many new reproduction ceramic items have the same type of heavy surface crazing as this item. All-over crazing like this is actually added at the repro factory, because crazing is a characteristic most often mistaken as a 'sure sign' of age. Crazing should never be used as a sole identification sign since it can be artificially produced on new items.

Finally, notice how the backside of this piece is very curiously modeled, considering it is a, 'wall pocket' - an article of pottery to hang on the wall. There is no way to mount this piece because when the body was cast its mounting hole was filled in with ceramic medium. Instead of a mounting hole the item has been given large, squared feet. Now it can rest on a tabletop, horizontally. But that's just silly because now it no longer has any real utility. Whereas the original McCoy bonnet woman wall pocket was made to have a purpose, this item was only made for display, not use. Reproduction makers primarily aim to fool the eye, not to create a truly useful article. Anytime an item appears impractical and unable to fulfill its primary function, such as a 'wall pocket' that cannot be hung on a wall, do not expect it to be authentic.

Measures 7 1/2 inches by 4 inches.

Item ID: 2007RP000253

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