Czech Glass Buttons

This listing illustrates a variety of new glass buttons currently being produced in the Czech Republic. Represented by most bulk sellers as recreated from old molds, there is some evidence that this is not the case for many, if not all of the buttons.

The examples pictured have an inset brass mounting shank that looks much like the old types of metal shanks used for authentically old buttons. These shanks have been patinated with chemicals that give them the look of aged metal and this is one of the factors that causes confusion concerning their authenticity. Some may be marked "Czecho". Look closely for enamel paint colors that would never have originally been used for these types of items. Also note any lack of signs of wear.

Sometimes a sudden influx of identical items or what appears to be a steady supply of an 'old' collectible will be explained as a 'warehouse find'. Any time large numbers of a particular design can be easily found of a supposedly 'vintage' item, suspect recent or possibly current manufacture, instead.

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