Satsuma China Biscuit Jar Set

A few more examples of new porcelain and pottery items marked 'Satsuma Made in China' often being offered for sale as vintage or even, in some cases, 'antique.' This group includes a covered jar or canister with a scalloped lip and lots of gold enamel and a pair of trays that are similarly decorated. None of the pieces represent the individual expression of a skilled craftsman, despite the 'Hand Painted' statement included in their marks. This is seen in the lack of uniformity of the moriage (raised enamel decoration) and haphazard application of the printed design. The decorations were not carefully or lovingly artist applied. These pieces were made in a factory.

Real Satsuma has always been entirely Japanese-made pottery. It was never originally made in China or anywhere else, only Japan. If the mark you see on the bottom of a piece indicates it was made anywhere other than Japan, it cannot be Satsuma. Printing the word 'Satsuma' on an item cannot make it something it is not.

Also remember Satsuma is a type of pottery, not porcelain. The body of Satsuma ware (the clay) is of a non-translucent pottery type which may be buff or creamy colored. Body color can be observed on the unglazed area of the foot rim.

All three pieces in this listing carry the same stamp identifying them as hand painted Satsuma made in China.

Measurements are 8 1/2 inch tall jar (with lid in place), approximately 8 inches across and 7 1/4 inch by 5 inch trays.

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