Art Pottery Vase with Lion Handles and Incised Floral Design

This example is a new fantasy-type item that may be presumed to be old because it appears to have intricate Incised designs, its glaze is crazed (to suggest age) and it sports various odd, impressive-looking marks on its base.

The decorative motif of multi-colored Chrysanthemums around the sides, 'incised' scroll designs and faux ring mounts at the top, which could represent the faces of either dragons or 'foo dogs,' each suggests the Orient. But this kind if item may also easily be mistaken for earthenware made elsewhere, dating to the time period when hand crafted art pottery was popular in the first part of the 20th century. The Roman numeral IV mark shown may especially be thought to represent a date mark, as in "made in 1904."

But, as the reader has probably already guessed, this is just another recently imported decorative pottery piece only made to seem old. The piece in this listing was in fact purchased from a retail store that caters to shoppers interested in interior design and decoration. It was bought brand new as seen in this listing, complete with its semblance of an old, crazed glaze. The attached paper label naming the country of import was removed immediately after purchase.

These kinds of decorative pottery items are often sold in retail stores to give buyers the 'look' of an antique piece on the shelf without the expense, or for actual use without the worry of possibly damaging a real antique. An item like this is fine enough for either of those purposes, but it should not be represented as truly old by a knowledgeable seller.

Many of the new 'antique-look' pottery items being made today have glaze crazing produced at the factory because this is the one characteristic most often mistaken to represent a sure sign of age. Be sure to review other ceramic listings in this shop as a good many of them have received the same treatment at manufacture, for that reason.

Keep in mind decorator-type pieces such as this were made in factories, not individually made by hand, so each piece is not one that can be considered 'unique.' They were exported in large numbers, too, and so they will remain at their original nominal retail value for many years to come.

Measures 11 1/2 inches tall and about 9 1/2 inches across.

Item ID: 2007RP000201

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