Old Blue Willow Pattern Serving Spoon

This example is a fantasy scoop-shaped spoon similar to those commonly used today for serving ice cream. It may be seen described as antique transferware or 'Blue Willow,' but this item is not old, as implied in the title of this listing. In the past few years many new pieces sporting decorative patterns reminiscent of old 'Blue Willow' transfers have begun to be sold by retail and wholesale sources. Brand new items made in this easily recognizable pattern can generally be found in many gift shops and 'antique' malls. While they may be considered useful for interior decoration, these should never be represented as if antique or vintage in age.

This piece is modern in shape and function. It was intended to appeal specifically to collectors of old Blue Willow transfer-ware, though that transfer pattern would never have been applied to such an item, originally. For this piece, shape alone would be useful for helping identify age (or lack of it).

Expect to see this blue and white transfer pattern on many shapes and types of items where it was never used long ago. Such as new 'Blue Willow' kerosene lamps.

The Willow pattern appears on both sides of the handle of this server, and complimentary designs are on the inside of the bowl and on the end of the spoon. There are also holes through the handle so the spoon can be hung for display.

There is no maker's mark. New 'looks like' items such as this are relatively inexpensive imported goods often sold 'for decorative use only' because of lead used in the surface glaze. Lead glazed items should never be used for actual service of food or drink.

Measures almost 7 1/2 inches long and is approximately 1 3/4 inches wide across the bowl.

Item ID: 2007RP000191

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