CZECH Rhinestone Prancing Horse Brooch Pin - Signed Lilien

This example is another in what appears to be a continuing materialization of so called fantasy 'artist-signed' Czech Republic jewelry pieces. These are regularly inaccurately identified by some who know better as antique, old or just vintage, though actually new. This and other similarly marked pieces are currently available from the maker of Lilien jewelry in the Czech Republic. Many similar examples of rhinestone figural pins and other types of rhinestone jewelry, can be purchased as of today directly from their website. Only on the secondary market does the nature of Lilien marked jewelry seem to become easily confused by otherwise experienced sellers. Fictitious tales are spun in an effort to create desire for them. By virtue of offering faulty 'knowledge' about their maker and age, markup in price for a contemporary item of otherwise nominal value can more easily succeed.

This particular piece has actually been seen described with text very reminiscent of that often used to describe Husar' D pieces. Such as, "....found in a jewelry factory in the former Czechoslovakia that was closed during World War II and only now has been rediscovered." or "From a time gone by, and a country that now no longer exists. A piece of history!" These types of statements, as well as frequent direct reference to Lilien pieces as 'vintage' are intended to give them the cachet of an aged collectible. Don't be fooled!

This individual piece bears the characteristic mark 'CZECH' on a metal oval pad soldered on the back. This mark is quite frequently seen now as more and more new Czech Republic jewelry enters the market via the Internet. Generally, inexperienced collectors and sellers will tend to misinterpret this mark to mean an item made in 'Czechoslovakia,' which is indeed "...a country that now no longer exists ". The Czech Republic, however, does exist and 'Czech' is commonly used on jewelry that issues from that modern country. The other oval pad mark 'Lilien,' which at times is attributed to being that of a particular jewelry 'artist,' needs no further explanation.

This piece is about 3-3/4 inches wide by 3-1/2 inches tall.

Item ID: 2007RP00019

Gender: Female, Age Group: Adult, Color: Rose / Blue, Size: .

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