Vintage Bronze "End of the Trail" Native American Indian sculpture

This example is a manufactured fantasy figurine suggestive of one of the most recognized American works of art, 'The End of the Trail' by artist James Earle Fraser. But the piece in this listing is not a 'sculpture' (a work of art) it is merely a decorative item mass produced for ready commercial sale. This item is 'Bronze' in color only. It is actually made of a plastic resin compound covered with a thin layer of bronze-look paint. If you carefully examine this particular item visually you can see several areas where the thin layer of paint has been damaged, which allows the light colored plastic base material to be seen. Areas of the rider's highly decorative foot coverings (which are unlike Fraser's rider's simple, worn moccasins) have chipped away, for instance. And just below the knee of the horse, where the paint is skinned, it is possible to see the thinness of that covering .

This item has been mounted on wood, but new plastic resin fantasy 'bronze sculptures' are frequently also placed on a marble plinth. This serves two purposes. First, it makes it possible to hide signs of modern manufacturing or telltale maker's marks that may be viewable inside the figurine itself, or indications that the item is perhaps not made of metal. And second, heavy bases give necessary added weight to an item that otherwise would not weigh enough to be easily mistaken for a real bronze artwork.

Other than weight, modern cast resin figurines tend to lack fine detail where detail should be, and may have extra details where none should exist. On this piece the rider wears highly detailed jewelry, foot gear and leggings that are not appropriate. He also has a shield, but no spear, and the horse is so poorly formed it appears to have been modeled by someone with little actual knowledge of equine anatomy.

Although decorative and it would be fine if sold for the purpose of becoming part of a Western 'theme' of interior decoration, this item should never be represented to a buyer as a 'vintage bronze' work of art. Nor should it be advertised as if related to Fraser's famous artwork.

Measures 8 ½ inches wide by 4 ½ inches deep by 10 ¾ inches high.

Item ID: 2007RP000186

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